Fresh peaches, nectarines and cherries.


Fresh stone-fruit are simply marvellous! They’re like little round, ruddy, ripe balls of impending summer, all warm golden colours: oranges and reds and yellows and pinks. And dark red and ruby. Mmmmm. Flat peaches and nectarines sooo juicy and sweet I have to eat the standing over the sink and I still have to put my tops in the laundry because the sleeves are all stained and sticky with peach juice. Cherries so ripe and black-red they crush between your molars into rich, tart-sweet pulp and stain your lips blood red. Nom.

I’m grateful for picnics.


They are pleasant for the naturally shy, harkening back to family camping trips. For me… they remind me of lazy lunchtimes or breaks from work or between-lecture lounging on sunny lawns with friends, classmates, colleagues. I like picnics because I never feel obligated to talk or be interesting. It’s just a bunch of new friends sprawled on the grass, sharing food and stories!

I’m grateful for sunlight.


Here comes the sun, oh yeah!

A million zillion songs are written

For the winter-weary sunlight-smitten

To get the pilling woollies out from under their skin.


It makes snow glitter like powdered mica.

Melts the ice from roads and roofs and hearts

And brings the warmth to smiles and parts

Of cafes hidden in grey and cold and shadow.


The sun transforms cities, citizens, cultures,

Anchors traits and tics in generations of souls.

Makes priorities, decides for us our daily roles,

And shapes everything from laughter to national character.


I’m grateful for spring.


in spring, everything is soft, still powdery green.

pale sunlight caresses the fragile fair skin.

the daffodils flutter tissue-thin petals.

damp pollen of autumn quietly settles

between new grass shoots, so fresh.

and nature is muted, subtle and new.

she whispers through leaves of translucent hue.

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