The things I love.

In this life, this little life
You must find the things you love
that make you laugh
that seize your heart
that hold your mind
Steady and true
And you must fight or find the time
To do them, over and over again
And be present for them, sit with them
Hold them in as high regard
and as much importance
and as tightly
and jealously
As you would what gives you life
Puts food in your belly
And presents you to the world
As worthy.
It is the thing that will
help your heart beat
your feet lift and lower
lift and lower
your mind calm and
your spirit believe
When the darkness comes
As it always, always does.
For in this life, this little life
People leave or die or abandon
And things fade or rot or wither
But love lives in the ruins
Of the most broken places
As long as we remember
How to ignite it in our souls
Always and again and forever.

I’m grateful that I’ve been given much space and time in this little life to find and do and sometimes even to become good at the things I love, and to have met people throughout my life who have inspired me. And to have read poems by people who inspired me.

I’m grateful for youthful passion.

photoThe audacity of youthful passion
is as if every heavy oaken door is open,

every casement window gaping wide–
and the room airy and beaming, streaming light–
each one a starting block for blind and blinding flight.


God, I miss it.

Picture credit (with cropping and filter layers): Attribution Some rights reserved by mikemol