Advent Days 23 and 24: A good sense of humour….

… and an easy laugh.

The non-blogging can be explained, I swear. I have spent the last two days paying with my sanity and composure for being in denial in the weeks leading up to Christmas.

Toys R Us is NOT a place for timid souls in the week leading up to Christmas, as I discovered recently– too recently for me to have forgotten the high-pitch cacophony of, “this Daddy! Mommy! I want this I want this I want THIIIIIIS!!!”.

But I have a reasonable sense of humour, so I managed to float through the place in a kind of slightly bewildered haze with a beatific smile frozen on my face. The bewilderment came from the sheer number of choices… But! I really must express my profound dissatisfaction with all this cotton-woolly over-cautiousness. Where are all the chemistry sets of old, with real chemicals and things that can go bang if you mixed it up right? Or the little paper-wrapped pellets filled with sand and gunpowder that went SNAP! when you threw them on the ground?

Everything is so tame these days.

I also managed to elbow my way through each aisle, then keep my spirits up in the Very Long Queue To Freedom Beyond the Cashiers, because I am easily amused. I have never before seen a bunch of parents so frazzled and wild-eyed.

I should say that I’m grateful I didn’t have my own screaming brat to deal with, but I was a lot more grateful that I could witness this pre-Christmas phenomenon from the outside with an easily-tickled sense of humour.


I’m grateful for laughter.


I love laughing. I love books, scenes, script lines, memes, comic strips, standup comedy, musical comedy, even political speeches that have me barking and howling with laughter. I love witty humour, whimsical and random and absurd humour, quirky humour, word humour, sarcastic and droll humour (I call this Romanian humour; but it’s also British humour), and in-jokes. I love and admire clever things.

Ah, laughter. The emotion of being tickled, amused, entertained.

Just a few little things that made me burst out laughing in the last week:

About Russia…

Video of Australian senator Scott Ludlam summing up most Australians’ thoughts on their PM at the moment

Ellen with the pizza guy at the Oscars

Ouroboros Ouzo: A Johannes Cabal story

Parts of the episode “Madeline Pratt” of The Blacklist (though one part of it made me sniffle)

Photo licences and attribution (clockwise from top):

  1. AttributionShare Alike Some rights reserved by lolololori
  2. Attribution Some rights reserved by Ciaran McGuiggan
  3. Attribution Some rights reserved by craigallyn
  4. AttributionShare Alike Some rights reserved by romainguy

A Zero-to-Hero attempt: I’m grateful for comfort-browsing.

This was really not a very easy task. I’m not good at picking out blogs, articles or websites to share, partly because my interests are very wide and varying, and partly because I don’t spend a lot of time just browsing randomly. My use of the internet is very targeted. But there are some websites I like going to when I need empathy, or a laugh, or something to soothe a miserable day.

1. Leunig’s poetry and work

Leunig is an Australian cartoonist, poet, artist… whose work is regularly published in the mainstream press. His poetry and cartoons are sweet, funny, poignant in a gentle way, and environmentally-, politically- and resource-conscious. There is a softness and inherent soothing kindness in his work that I just love, and also a childlike innocence.

2. Hyperbole and a half

Everyone probably knows about this one by now. I like the direct, simple way it manages to convey otherwise very complex subjects. I empathised deeply with several posts. It does what many writers and journalists have tried to do with mixed success– which was to make difficult-to-discuss and hard-to-understand experiences, such as depression, much easier to access and to empathise with. It is a superb example of communications done right to get a point across. The style reminds me of the book I Had A Black Dog by Matthew Johnstone.

3. The Oatmeal

I like the wittiness and quirkiness of this site. I love whimsy, and this site has it in barrel-loads. I don’t always get the humour, but sometimes it really hits the nail on the head.

zero-to-hero-badge ~ This is a Zero to Hero blog post. ~

Humour. I’m definitely grateful for humour.

Ok, I know, I know, it’s not everyone’s cup of tea, and never will be, because humour is like that. That’s one thing I just love about all our senses of humour– it’s all so different. Because when you find your soulmate, chances are, a good part of it will be because of matching senses of humour. It’s like a summary of all our experiences, our upbringing, culture and personality, our exposure to the world and all we’ve read and absorbed, a testament to our core attitudes and view of life. What we laugh at is like a stripped-down Myers-Briggs score.

I’m grateful for a sense of humour. I’m relieved to have an open, easily-tickled sense of humour, and for a loud, hearty laugh.

I’m sure I’ve read research somewhere that shows that people who laugh more live longer, because laughing does feel so very, very good. I think a person can bounce from most of life’s unpleasant curveballs as long as they hang on tight to their sense of humour. It’s how you keep perspective when you can’t physically move away to get some distance, when you must stay still, suck it up and deal with it. Humour is a lifeboat when it’s yours, and a thrown life-ring when it’s someone else’s. It’s not the umbrella, but the thing that makes you laugh and dance in the rain.

And just because I find Benedict Cumberbatch rather sexy, and I giggled my way through this: