Dedicated vets.

I have a little dog that I love dearly. She is my first and only dog, and she has the most beautiful personality of any creature I know in the world. It is very difficult to watch your dog suffer when it’s ill, because you can’t ask it what’s wrong, where does it hurt, do you feel nauseous? Things you can ask a human. It’s like having a very intelligent eternal baby. I applaud vets who dedicate their careers, lives and time to the well-being of our sweet furkids, our dear companion creatures– whether they be dogs, horses, cats or whichever other animal that can show affection and be loyal and that allow us to be our best selves and to love. I’m deeply grateful to sincere, warm and dedicated vets.

Domestic animal companions.

One of my dearest friends Lauren posted this, and I immediately thought of how grateful I am for the companionship and affection of domesticated animals. I’ve been really lucky to have travelled a fair bit, but, as with all things, it is one edge of a double-edged sword. I often miss having a household animal or two, particularly dogs. The cynical will say that they are merely attaching to us because they need shelter and food. I would counter with the fact that we ALL perform for that reason, humans more than any other species. How much do we have to rein in, how many smiles do we have to fake, how many times have we had to work closely with people we don’t like in the least, in order to earn our daily bread and keep? And for so many other reasons otherwise. Dogs and cats are lovely and sweet and innocent of guile, and I love them for that.

I’m grateful for dogs.

Sweet chihuahua!

Sweet chihuahua!

They are life’s best little mercies of all, furry little and not-so-little (think Goldens and Labs! And Shepherds!) packages of unconditional love and affection, fierce loyalty and protectiveness, and snuggly warmth. Their neediness gives us the chance to love and care for reciprocally, and be appreciated for our efforts.