Pub grub.

I LOVE pub grub. Comfort food defined, especially when paired with a pub quiz. 🙂 I’m such a Hermione; I just love knowing things and having my knowledge tested haha!

Fries. Late at night.

I try to eat healthily but there’s just something primally satisfying about carbs fried in carbs when one has come from a mingling event and needs comfort food (have I mentioned that I have a special dislike for networking events?). I suppose the equivalent for cool people would be after-party or after-club pigging out, or “the munchies” (in this case, very chilled people). I have no idea. I have never been cool. *cheerful grin*

Anyway, I’m grateful for a portion of good, solid, well-fried fries.

I’m grateful for soy chai lattes.

chai latte


I love the comforting warmth of a good soy chai latte. I know it’s an unusual choice of favourite beverage, but I love the combination of sweet and spicy, in rich and creamy format. 🙂 I probably also associate it with a burst of tropical Asian spice punctuating grey winter days, and yuppie or boho or alternative cafes, and a calming balm on my slightly impatient, anxious nature that reaches right down into my nerve endings and lulls them into a meditative trance.

But I guess everyone has his or her own comfort-drink! I’d love to hear what yours is, and why. I find that other people’s memories and stories give my own experience of the little things in life more dimension.

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