Budget airlines.


How they’ve changed the world!

They’ve shrunk it. And they’ve made getting on a plane a little like taking a train or bus. Okay, perhaps not quite so common… but certainly a little more like it!

I remember a time when a journey on an airplane was a pretty special event. Nonetheless, many budget flights later (some more bemusing and terrifying than others) and I still get excited when I see a new budget airline’s map of destinations. So many places! And not too expensive! I just love visiting countries/cities for the first time!

I’m grateful for budget airlines. And premium airlines too, of course.

[Am seriously having a writer’s block, hence the delays; I apologise to my regular readers (thank you so much for sticking with this blog).]

Picture attribution: Airbus A319-109 of Germanwings (D-AGWW) and an Airbus A320 (HB-IOZ) of Air Berlin at Zurich Airport (ZRH), from Wikimedia Commons. Copyright belongs to the creator. Use of this picture in no way indicates an affiliation with the creator of the image, nor does it indicate that the creator shares the views reflected by the text.