About Dawn

Dawn’s a slim, pear-shaped human being with chestnut hair and freckles. She is a recovering people-pleaser, a conflicted omnivore (she really should eat more veggies), and can be quite antisocial for a communications officer at times. She doesn’t like loud parties (they hurt her ears), bright hot sunlight (it hurts her eyes), cigarette smoke (it blocks her sinuses), booming music (it gives her a headache), crowds (they make her nervous), and aggressive, manipulative or sneaky people (they give her the sudden impulse to grab an iron skillet and raise it threateningly in the air).

Nonetheless, she writes and speaks well, knows how to distill a message, has all kinds of templates and well-worn processes in her head from years of not serenely gliding along, knows how to get a message across, gets rabidly, evangelistically enthusiastic when she’s fighting for something she believes in, and loves a good challenge and a problem that needs solving. She loves writing, reading, and people who have fascinating real-life stories. She also loves feeling that sense of achievement. It’s her drug.

She generally has a big heart and a thirst for friendship, love, adventure, new experiences, useless and irrelevant knowledge, a sense of the past and the future, sub-tropical sunshine, a warm sea, a shady, sandy beach, a hammock, a magical never-ending stack of books (that includes good young adult fiction), and a virgin pina colada. Ok, she sometimes has problems with brevity when she gets carried away.

She enjoys her own company, but also the company of people who tickle her funny bone and make her feel safe and whose presence makes the air crackle, cackle or go perfectly still.

She is re-learning how to be happy and has realised that that must include rediscovering the habit and practice of being grateful. Because she’s stubborn as a mule (or a chow-chow on a bad day), she is not too happy about this realisation, but she’s giving it a go anyway.

© Copyright of all unattributed original material is owned by Dawn. Please do not re-use without asking for permission and attribution, or linking back and attribution.

13 thoughts on “About Dawn

  1. Aha! I see from your byline what we have in common 🙂 Thanks for the nice comment on my about me page. I’m happy to return the compliment.
    NB: The skillet would also be one of my weapons of choice in the same circumstances that you describe.

  2. I love your bio and the whole concept of your blog. My favorite activity is to sit with my feet up, good book in had, and one or both of my cats curled up on top of me, purring. I have two blogs, one for fun and one to explore cooking.

    • Thank you so much for the encouragement and empathy, Chris! For me, I’d replace the cats with two small dogs and add a warm cup of tea, and that would be one of my favourite ways to spend an afternoon! Oooh, food blogs! And random new facts! I like it!

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