I’m grateful for the in-betweens.

I felt that this post was particularly relevant for this point in time, when many school-leavers will be entering college/university and deciding what to do with their lives. It’s an in-between all over the world (except Anglo-system nations). Post-SATs, post-bac, pre-college… I wish I had had these speeches/articles to inspire me when I was younger, but I matriculated in a time before the internet became popular. So, here they are:

Life's little mercies


The in-betweens are times to take stock and decide what we stand for, and what we really want. Maya Angelou once said: “Do the best you can until you know better. Then when you know better, do better.” In-betweens normally happen at the point of “knowing better”. That’s when things can get a bit thorny. That’s normally when you realise you’re standing at the edge of something potentially life-changing, but it requires… well, changing your life. Sometimes giving up things that are no longer working for us; sometimes admitting a huge, I got it wrong before, and I’m sorry. How hard is that, right?! We know at that point that things can go wonderfully right or disastrously wrong, and so would require a huge leap of faith.

Personally, I am paradoxically risk-averse and adventure-yearning. So these forks in the road are very often slightly agonising. At least.

That’s where…

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