The tiny little things…

Took a very long flight yesterday/today (depending on where you are in the world) with a transit at an airport that had no place for lie-downs. All the seats were separated with very deliberate-looking solid steel arms (I actually blurted out, “aww, that’s just mean!”). I had furry teeth. I was headachy and tired and anxious. My scalp felt post-flight oily. My skin felt desiccated. All I wanted was a nap curled up on two boarding gate seats. But, alas….

What a huge difference a hot shower and shampoo, a thorough tooth-brushing and a little lie-down in my own cosy little room on campus can make! I feel human again!

I’m grateful for these little things we take for granted, and for moments that remind me of their preciousness.


Send me sunshine, light and love! :) Constructive criticism is also welcome.

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