Something to look forward to.


Some days I find it difficult to find something that I’m really looking forward to.

It’s a little sad because when we are kids, we almost always naturally have something that keeps us hanging in anticipation: recess, ice cream after school, swimming on the weekend with Dad and Mom, playing with our cousins from out of town, going shopping for a new chemistry set or Strawberry Shortcake toy, or family vacations. Or even that new chocolate shop opening.

And then you become a teenager, and it’s looking forward every day to seeing your crush from the boys’ school, or going to a concert with your friends, or your school’s retreat (Catholic girls’ school, okay?), or ballet class, or school holidays. Or that new ice cream parlour opening.

And then we become adults. And those crushes either crash and burn real quickly in the face of adult responsibilities and expectations, or they become partners and then sometimes husband, and we start to take people who love us for granted. Appointments with friends become scheduled affairs, and, if there are kids, necessary things to keep the mothers (and after all that feminism, it’s still almost always the mothers) from going mad. Sex becomes part of the routine (so I am told), the ideas of falling in love and soulmates become a cynical guffaw (I have noticed), and we stop looking forward to simple things. Or they are taken from us, or we learn to act with our heads because people now rely on us, and ignore our hearts.

So, lately, when I wake up each morning, I sit down and plan my day, and in my day, I make sure there’s something that I can look forward to. Whether it’s walking out to my favourite ice cream place to get two scoops of salted caramel ice cream; or sending a friend a present I know they’ll love; or reading fiction; or Skypeing a good friend far away whom I haven’t spoken to in a while; or something new, like a trial class for meditation or dance.

I’m grateful for things to look forward to almost every day.


Send me sunshine, light and love! :) Constructive criticism is also welcome.

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