Great, rollicking conversations.

Yesterday night, I had one of those wonderful mentally stimulating conversations in which a group of informed and opinionated people from diverse backgrounds (in this case, including two experts in their fields) argue passionately. You know that rule about never asking a PhD candidate about what he or she is writing? There’s a reason for that. Apparently, you could inadvertently fundamentally ruffle the professional feathers of someone else in a group, and then you start an ideological war, and then you end up with a table of previously-cordial acquaintances trying to yell at and over each other in a pub full of people watching two different World Cup soccer matches. And then you realise you are part of the melee.

Honestly, I had quite a bit of fun. 🙂 But it occurred to me not to consider a peacekeeping career any time soon.

Been a while since I’ve had a feisty intellectual discussion like that. I’m grateful for those!


Send me sunshine, light and love! :) Constructive criticism is also welcome.

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