I know this is a strange term to many people, but it’s what I know free commuter newspapers as. You know those– Metro in London, Mx in Melbourne, 20 Minutes, metronews and Direct Matin in some French cities, TODAY in Singapore, Metro Directe in Barcelona, so on and so forth. There is some really good quality journalism in some of them, sometimes, though, of course, the business model puts them under greater pressure than paid or subscription newspapers to blur the line between editorial and advertising, a line those of us who trained under the “traditional” models of journalism were taught was sacred, a strict red line in set concrete. It sometimes feels like an eternity ago, to have dreamt newsprint dreams just before Twitter and Facebook and smart phones were born.

I like freesheets. I have a classmate who brings in all the French freesheets for me from his commute to school, and I look forward each day to poring through them with my dictionary. 🙂

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