Outdoor music events.


Mind you, it’s not because I love attending them. I don’t do well in crowds and my ears hurt when the music is too loud. But what I do like is that festive and cheerful and slightly chaotic sense of anticipation that outdoor music events bring, especially when they’re by a river. In any city, they change the air. They inject a new buzzy vibe into otherwise uneventful cities (or towns which fancy themselves cities and shall remain unnamed *deadpan*); they add a little frenzy and speed to restful, leisurely, wine-and-siestas cities; and they warm up the hearts and slow down the pace a little in large, faceless, stressful cities. I love all the tie-ins, all the buildup, and all the fringe events.

What I love best about outdoor music events in the summer is that when they’re on, everywhere you go, you can hear riffs of music, electric guitars, the thudding of drums, mellow, beautiful voices, snatches of lyrics, the distant roar of crowds cheering and being in the moment. It’s funny; I love having that sense of aliveness floating around, even at night. I love slipping into sleep listening to those sounds.

Photo is from the Mairie de Toulouse, on their website for Rio Loco.


Send me sunshine, light and love! :) Constructive criticism is also welcome.

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