This little dude buzzed about so busily in the hot summer sun, she barely noticed me shooting lots of smart-phone pics almost right next to her pollen-dusty wings and furry back (I don’t have any of those nifty little iPhone camera lenses). I just love bees! Apart from the obvious fact that they’re a quintessential part of just about every terrestrial food chain on earth, they’re also cute. Well, I think so, anyway.

Their work ethic is remarkable; watching a bee do its work is a sure way to spring the guilt trip on a procrastinating brain. 🙂 They usually don’t sting people unless they’re defending themselves or their hives (I mean, they get one sting), they pollinate flowers that give us fruit and veggies, they make honey, and buzz about quite politely in gardens and parks (none of this invasive exploration of picnic food that wasps seem much more fond of)…

This growing bee die-off (colony collapse) trend is quite scary to me. Yep, I’m grateful for bees.


3 thoughts on “Bees.

  1. Gorgeous photo but that dude is likely a she. Bee movie isn’t very helpful in that’s score. Worker bees are female! It’s great to take notice of her and her difficult life though.

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