Cities have immense energy; each with a different wavelength, taste, flavour, frequency, vibration, sense, feel, permeability, colour…. When I get to a new city, for a few hours, I do nothing but wander around, drinking and sucking up the energy like an urban vampire. 🙂

There is a different energy in the countryside, with its huge restful fields of lush green and fallowing brown and earthy smells, especially in late spring– a slow, lazy, self-paced energy; sleepy, drowsy, sunny-lazy-Sunday-afternoon half-closed eyes and drifting pollen-fluff.

Seasides and oceans have another energy altogether, like a barely-held-back, biding-our-time, dangerous and exciting energy, wild and free-spirited, careless, ruthless almost, certainly reckless. I can never nap properly near the sea. I spent most childhood weekends either by or on the sea; the energy of eternally-running, crashing saltwater coursing through my veins and sluicing through my hair and skin. When I am near it, I feel charged, comforted, challenged, understood. I feel like running and screaming and dancing and diving and swimming till I fall down into the warm sand, exhausted.

But cities! Cities are where my heart finds home, belonging, comfort. Not all cities, the orderly ones. The ones whose universal unspoken rules I understand, whose movement patterns every hair on my skin monitors, alert, awake, alive. Those are the places I “get”, in a deep, winding place in my gut and heart. If I connect turbulently with the sea by blood, I understand cities at a cellular level.

Cities are cuddly, familiar, full of the excitement and potential and forgiveness of constant and eternal change. They’re the pampered children of the patient constancy and flow and indulgence of their country, agricultural parents– who feed and water them– given the space to sparkle and shine, change, chase, be precisely who they need or want to be.

I’m grateful for cities, for the invisible energy I borrow from them whenever I run out of my own.

Picture attribution: The City at Night by Darren Harmon. Some rights reserved. Copyright belongs to the creator. Use of this picture in no way indicates an affiliation with the creator of the image, nor does it indicate that the creator shares the views reflected by the text.


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