I’m grateful for pub quizzes.

🙂 Does anyone else do them? I love them. It’s like, in any city in the world, find a British/Irish pub and there’ll be a regular pub quiz! It’s great. In case it wasn’t obvious before, I am a bit of an irrelevant knowledge collector. I just like knowing things. For example, MERS-Cov is genetically distinct from SARS. True, they’re both coronaviruses, but there you go. Oh, and bats are the only mammals that fly. And Teflon’s chemical name is PTFE, which is polytetrafluoroethyline. I may have spelled that wrongly.

You get the picture (I have probably coloured it in). So, yes, I love trivia and I love getting things right. 🙂 So, I’m grateful for pub quizzes! And I’m grateful to quizmasters all around the world! 🙂



Send me sunshine, light and love! :) Constructive criticism is also welcome.

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