I’m grateful for new and interesting projects.

I love projects. 🙂 I just love a challenge and the satisfaction of getting past little milestones and then getting to the end and looking back and thinking, hey, I did a pretty good job. 🙂

So, I have a new project to add to my stuff to do, including daily French classes and learning how to be a social being again. And all the little things like doing laundry and cooking and all of that. Ahem. So, my entries may become a little bit shorter…. and maybe not be accompanied by pictures quite as often…. but I will endeavour to write poetry and I will keep doing one-a-day (at least) entries. Thank you all so much for reading and, so so so sooo much for following my blog. I really am touched.


Send me sunshine, light and love! :) Constructive criticism is also welcome.

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