I’m grateful for local designer showcase markets.


What compact treasure troves of little surprises! I can never resist a little neighbourhood designer market on a sunny spring day. It’s one way of getting a sense of the style and feel of that city’s or that neighbourhood’s quirks and taste. I love the clever ideas and creativity! And the tactility of it; and the fact that you can have a conversation with the artist or designer who made the skirt, or dress, or exquisite porcelain cup or bowl, or titanium earrings, or fabric brooch or hair clip, etc., etc., that you are thinking of taking home. The person who put his or her passion and heart into that handmade thing. And they’re normally not exorbitantly priced. And those surprises! A sweet little white-and-blue porcelain carafe with a clean, contemporary design and decent glaze could, on picking it up, turn out to be made of the thinnest, finest bone china, delicious to touch and to hold, and translucent when held up to the sunlight. A rummage through a discount trunk can come up with the perfect cotton skirt. New ways to wear a hat or a scarf. New things they make hats and scarves out of these days. I love it when people turn normal things on their heads and give them a bit of a whirl. 🙂


Send me sunshine, light and love! :) Constructive criticism is also welcome.

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