I’m grateful for the love of knowledge.

Yes, I know. Learning is a lot more than reading books. It’s just what happens to us, whether we like it or not; and if we fight it, if we try to arrest our learning process out of fear, it contorts and warps into something twisted and evil and sinister. That’s my opinion. You can see it in people who determinedly try to keep their minds closed to the developments in the world. They become bitter, tired, old, grumpy, angry people.

Learning is travelling, making friends and acquaintances of people from completely different backgrounds from our own, reading (of course), taking up courses, learning new skills, trading ideas, watching good documentaries and TV series, listening to different kinds of music, cycling to the next village, changing jobs, staying in a job, taking a path, making decisions, facing consequences, lucky breaks, failing, succeeding, cleaning up other people’s messes, cleaning up your own mess, depending on people, being there for people, loving, being loved, getting your heart broken, breaking someone else’s heart, getting lost, getting found, leaping into the unknown, following rules, breaking rules, avoiding rules, making the rules. Living is learning by default.

So, I am very grateful that my parents raised me very determinedly in an environment that pretty much guaranteed that I would love learning and knowledge and new skills for all of my life– it is “coded in my program”, so to speak. I am grateful for every opportunity I have had to learn (less so for the pointless experiences… and there have been a few that felt like it… but perhaps the lessons are yet to emerge…).

And, yes, I am grateful for everything I have had the chance to learn, to earn, and, most of all, to keep.

This is for Tuesday, 13 May 2014.

Picture attributions:

  1. Inside out by Sukanto Debnath. Attribution Some rights reserved by Sukanto Debnath.
  2. first drop of water is the best drop of water by woodleywonderworks. Attribution Some rights reserved by woodleywonderworks.
  3. Homework on the beach by Ingo Bernhardt. Attribution Some rights reserved by Spree2010.
  4. Picture by Liz Poage. Attribution Some rights reserved by Liz Grace.
  5. #13 My Own Little World by thebarrowboy.Attribution Some rights reserved by thebarrowboy.

Copyright belongs to the creators. Each picture has been cropped and stitched into a banner. Use of these pictures in no way indicates an affiliation with the respective creators of the images, nor does it indicate that the creators share the views reflected by the text.


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