I’m grateful for a growing heart.


Growing a heart is painful, as the new-adults will tell you
A real one, with new surly feelings and burly
Opinions, filled with more spiky force than truth.
Not the heart you’re born with that pumps blood,
But one that feels and reels and runs around
Arms spinning like windmills and chasing butterflies,
Chasing affection, approval, cursive, curly complications;
Staring in mirrors, fascinated and appalled
At its own newness, touching its new hearty face,
Saying NO, triumphant, because everyone knows
That saying NO and YES means you solidify and
Become real. It means you’ve grown a heart.


Picture attribution: heart by Skyler817, AttributionNoncommercialShare Alike Some rights reserved by skyler817. Copyright belongs to the creator. Use of this picture in no way indicates an affiliation with the creator of the image, nor does it indicate that the creator shares the views reflected by the text.


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