I’m grateful for soft chocolate chunk cookies!

Ahahaha! I just read today’s NaPoWriMo prompt and burst out laughing. 🙂 Quite the change from yesterday evening, an hour or so of which I spent staring, resentfully paralysed, at my laptop.

This prompt is from Daisy Fried, and the basic idea is to write a ten-line poem in which each line is a lie. Your lies could be silly, complicated, tricky, or obvious. This exercise kind of reminds me of Calvin’s dad:

Chocolate tastes so awful, like setting sticky tar;
It’s made with a piece of night-sky and a dying star;
And when it hits your insides, it sizzles and it burns,
It’s terrible for children, it’s something they should spurn!
When chocolate’s put in cookies, it grows little devil horns
Invisible to the naked eye, these burrowing little thorns!
They work their way into your tongue, your heart and head and soul,
And they inject their poison, grab your nerves and take control!
And that’s the way the cookie crumbles, you poor, addicted sod,
For chocolate has had its way with you: Bow down to your new god!

Note from Dawn: All right, all right… technically, not all of that was a lie…


2 thoughts on “I’m grateful for soft chocolate chunk cookies!

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