I’m grateful for the dark.

Why do leaps of faith have to happen in the dark?
When the best-laid plans go up in smoke, it leaves a mark;
Yet life expects that from this wrenching mess,
We wrench ourselves and trust it all again
Ford the uncertainty, the doubt, the terror of the pain
Of repeated failure, of not knowing one’s way,
And the lost illusion of control, of some say
In the biggest parts and paths of our lives.
Yet, we can be so clueless about what we need
And lose ourselves fixating on the sun. We strive
In our wax wings, and we fall, we drown, we bleed.
It’s in darkness that our arrogance is blind,
Our egos groping, helpless, defeated, maligned;
It’s when we are sure that all is lost, destroyed and burnt
That we find we are the perfect sum of lessons learned.


One thought on “I’m grateful for the dark.

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