I’m grateful for hearing.

listening to music

I saw a girl signing to a friend today, and wondered what it must be like to live in a silent world. No sounds of laughter, no music, no ocean waves and trees rustling and rain drumming on rooftops and pavement. I wonder how Beethoven coped. Poor man. To know and love something first and then have it taken away, slowly. Your calling, your life’s work, your means of making a living, your purpose, draining away.

So, I stood in the garden for a minute, just listening, today, enjoying the ability to hear. I heard… two kinds of birds calling each other… one crooning and the other singing a four-note call… people talking to each other as they walked along the street… the distant hum of cars… water gushing from the tap in the kitchen… the splashing sound from someone doing the dishes… the rustle of a plastic bag… the soft rustle of coconut tree leaves as a gust of wind passed through… faint music from someone else’s house…

I’m grateful for hearing; to hear my friends howl with laughter, to sing and learn to play music, to take the music into my heart through my ears and dance to it, to hear my family speak and have audial memories.

Picture attribution: Soni listening to musicAttributionNoncommercialShare Alike Some rights reserved by Ruben Garcia Mohedano. Cropped, black and white filter applied. 


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