I’m grateful for adventures.


I know why we have adventures. We have them to become more truly, more deeply, more honestly ourselves. Adventure is the other end of the continuum from Armchair, the diametrical opposite of “what if” and “maybe”. It’s confronting ourselves as we are, all the uncomfortable things that we are, by testing all our own ideas (and fantasies) of ourselves. Wants, likes, dislikes, limits, consequences, and values can no longer remain hypothetical when we go out and seek adventure.

And I don’t mean just the “strap on a backpack and get on a plane” type adventure, I mean all of life’s adventures, the big ones and the little ones. Anything that pushes me out of my comfort zone, that feels terrifying but right, thrilling but scary, or uncomfortable but not in a bad way (you know… that queasy feeling just before an economics exam or when standing on a glass tile a hundred feet in the air; NOT the gut feeling that’s telling you to run like f*ck, because with that one, well, you really should run like f*ck).

At the pinnacle of Adventure, I would place leaps of faith. Those adventures make you or break you then remake you.

Yes, I’m grateful for all the adventures I willingly stepped into, as well as the ones that dragged me along by the wrist, yelling, “you’ll thank me later, I swear!”.

Picture attribution: Hiking, TromsoAttributionShare Alike Some rights reserved by GuideGunnar – Arctic Norway


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