I’m grateful for walks in warm summer rain.

Dance in the rain

It feels like surrender. In another lifetime, whenever it rained at the end of my work day, I used to take off my work pumps, carry them in one hand, the other holding my laptop bag (waterproof), and just walk barefoot the last 100 metres home. I’d splash slowly through the puddles and huge raindrops hurling themselves to the ground, flashes of bright white lightning chased closely by the whip-cracks of thunder.

I love walking in the pouring rain. I savour the deep sense of calm, peace and contentment that washes over me as the heavy rain takes away the tension, control, and the ability or inclination of anyone to look too closely at me. The rhythmic thrumming of rain on pavement is so soothing. Hair dripping, taste of freshwater and salt at the edge of my lips, blinking the blur away. I like the delicious anticipation of a warm bath at the end of this, and a pot of hot tea, and biscuits.

I’m grateful for walks in the rain.

Picture attribution: AttributionNoncommercialShare Alike Some rights reserved by failing_angel


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