I’m grateful for rain.


It hasn’t rained for months, where we are, and the days have been blazing hot. But it rained today; and I have never been happier to see a few minutes’ worth of big splotchy drops. Not quite the thunderous, rumbling, pounding cubic-mass of falling water accompanied by bat-blinding lightning that I’m much more used to, but, hey, when grass in every road divider and verge and park has been looking like the above, essentially desiccated and crisp kindling, for weeks and weeks, I’m betting you’d take whatever Momma Nature has deigned to flick in your direction.

So, there was none of that prancing around fully-clothed in the rain today that I had been looking forward to. Booo, Yahoo! Weather, booo. Still, it was rain.

Rain of dreams

Rain like balls of heavy bubble-glass that burst
And scatter little finite beads of life, life clings to first.
Crystal crowns and shiny, splashing pools reflecting light
Roaring fresh and loud over roads and screamed delight
That come with soaked and stamping little canvas shoes.
Pelting thunderous, warm and sweet-silk summer rain
Sweeps through the rooftops, parks and streets again. 
Thirsty peeling bark and crisp brown grass rejoice
The curl of rising steam from cooling tarmac sighs.
And rainbows of umbrellas; running dainty pumps;
Squelch of mud and muddy grass; and flying jumps,
Booms and claps of thunder deeply, brassily bellow,
Blinding lighting splits the sky, bright white, cold yellow. 


Send me sunshine, light and love! :) Constructive criticism is also welcome.

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