I’m grateful for laughter.


I love laughing. I love books, scenes, script lines, memes, comic strips, standup comedy, musical comedy, even political speeches that have me barking and howling with laughter. I love witty humour, whimsical and random and absurd humour, quirky humour, word humour, sarcastic and droll humour (I call this Romanian humour; but it’s also British humour), and in-jokes. I love and admire clever things.

Ah, laughter. The emotion of being tickled, amused, entertained.

Just a few little things that made me burst out laughing in the last week:

About Russia…

Video of Australian senator Scott Ludlam summing up most Australians’ thoughts on their PM at the moment


Ellen with the pizza guy at the Oscars

Ouroboros Ouzo: A Johannes Cabal story


Parts of the episode “Madeline Pratt” of The Blacklist (though one part of it made me sniffle)


Photo licences and attribution (clockwise from top):

  1. AttributionShare Alike Some rights reserved by lolololori
  2. Attribution Some rights reserved by Ciaran McGuiggan
  3. Attribution Some rights reserved by craigallyn
  4. AttributionShare Alike Some rights reserved by romainguy

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