I’m grateful for wise bosses.

Well, most of the time.

Some of the things that have resonated in my head and heart and stuck with me through the years as eternal wisdom have come from some of my most inspiring bosses and supervisors along the way. Two supervisors, both in different workplaces– Ann and Jacqueline– are two of the most capable, steady and stable women I have ever met, and to this day I admire their earthiness and leadership skill. Some other pearls of wisdom from bosses that I reach for whenever I face a relevant situation or decision:

“Praise in public and criticise in private. That’s class. Class must be practiced; it can’t be bought.”
~Jeanne, when I was 25.

“You only have your youth once. Be sure that you spend it doing what you are passionate about or at least are interested in. Make sure you spend it doing what you want to do or something that leads to it. You will never get these years back.”
~Christina, when I was 24.

“Brutal honesty only serves to maim. A child can be brutally honest. Tact requires maturity.”
~Jennifer, when I was 19.


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