I’m grateful for a cool wind on a hot day.

I love the monsoon breeze that smells of the sea.
Jumble of sunscreen, sailboats, barbecue, trees;
Sense of laughter, wooden jetty, water-bound flight;
Running bursts of sensations, like strobe light.
Close your eyes.
It is my North(east) Wind, arms wrapping ’round me,
Trailing little wet kisses of delight, familiarity,
Whispers. I hear Kevlar sails crisply crunching,
Taste saltwater, glimpse wave and sunlight dancing.
Hold on tight.
Echo of a reckless, mindless joy, a tug, deep longing.
To adventure! Into the blackness, mysterious, exciting.
I could jump in a boat, cast off, get lost, be free and then,
I could swim the moonlit sea-path to the stars.

Picture licence: AttributionNoncommercial Some rights reserved by Robert Thomson


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