I’m grateful for contemporary art.

My favourite contemporary artists:

Christian Pendelio

Davide Tosello

Mateo Dineen

Johan Potma

Ling Ling Federhen

I just LOVE whimsy and quirkiness when it comes to art; also cuteness and cheekiness, and romanticism and irreverence. Oh, and sweetness, too. Some pieces of art make me feel all warm, snuggly and “squeeee!” on the inside; like when you’re hungry and you see a beautifully-cooked little buffet and your tummy rumbles, your skin prickles, and something warm just spreads out behind your ribs. That feeling. I am definitely grateful for the existence of art and contemporary artists, people who are patient enough to create beautiful things in a fast-food, solutions-now, band-aid world, people talented and sensitive enough to feed feeling into their work and consequently evoke feeling from their audience, and people who are brave enough to do and be exactly what they were put on earth to do and to be.


Send me sunshine, light and love! :) Constructive criticism is also welcome.

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