I’m grateful for the IPCC.


I’m grateful for the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change. There are some people who are going to dislike this one, but I am grateful that because of the IPCC, and scientists outside that painstaking process, we have an idea of what we’re in for, and can prepare for it. I am grateful for having had the chance to fight a good fight on the many fronts that make up our response to climate change.

“An old fisherman could die in this weather,” he said.
The sun-wrinkled, browned old man nods a chin
At a dark-grey, churning sea, from the head
Of a curved bay, water whipping up white crests.
Even the dinghy sailors have retreated ashore; abed
The grass, stung with sleeting rain, their boats lie.
We perch upon a plank landing, wood worn thin
And smooth, skirting a wooden house on stilts
That creak against alliance of tide, storm, raging wind–
Too many, this past year, he says; it must be rebuilt.
We gaze out at the horizon, beach and land
Divided by a single tarred road, awash,
Impassable, swamped by raging waves and rain, the sand
No barrier; the broken stone barriers slosh
High with seawater, thudding, exploding.
A whole culture could die in this weather,
So changed in a single lifetime. 

And yes, I know the difference between climate and weather, but it just didn’t fit into the little ditty here. Climate is large, long-term shifts in global meteorological patterns; weather is the localised, short-term manifestation of climate patterns. Let’s just say, climate is like the flu, and weather is like the sneeze or the cough or the sore throat.

Picture credit: Attribution Some rights reserved by nSeika


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