Salute the sun!

YogaI’m grateful for yoga. I discovered yoga properly only recently, having been a staunch equipment Pilates girl for many years, because it is just so very good for you. Honestly, a good Pilates instructor can change your life, your body shape, and your injury profile/potential in any athletic activity you do. I remember some Pilates sessions where the football dudes were working out alongside the ballet girls on identical equipment. We girls were flexible but the guys were strong. Lately, I’ve been in discovery mode, and yoga was one of the concessions. I never knew yoga could make you sweat like that. I find the deep stretch and flow yoga, in which you never actually stop moving for pretty much an hour, more intense than Pilates, but maybe that’s because it’s moving in a different way from what I’m used to (actually, I’m pretty sure. I am aching in places I did not know I had muscles).

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