An ode to sleep.

Sleeping beauty

“God grants sleep to those He loves most,”
Said the girl, with a laugh, a bashful boast:
“Well, He must love me very much, then!”
And I smiled, all I could do, really, when
I don’t believe in a Christian God.
Me, I sleep the sleep of the dead, stone cold…
So, clearly His love can be obsessive.
Yes, it is such indulgence, sweet escape, sleep,
The drop into that murky, lawless town, to creep
Through dreams and glimpse what runs so deep
In that strange need, so close to death.

This post was inspired by BBC’s article “What can an extra hour of sleep do for you?“. I’m grateful for sleep, the resting, healing clearinghouse of thoughts and emotions that it is!

Photo credit and licence: AttributionShare Alike Some rights reserved by GettysGirl4260


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