I’m grateful for crushes.


Picture attribution: AttributionNoncommercialShare Alike Some rights reserved by sniffles

So fall. Fall for the one who makes you laugh;
The musician who plays the strings of life
In the same key as those in your heart or the theme
That still thrums in that childhood dream.

So fall, girls and boys, for the one whose kiss
Dissolves your will and smothers you whole
Whose voice strikes a chord like flint and a spark
That catches in the sweet and wide-eyed dark.

And fall for the one you will never, ever have
By your side, for your roads but briefly touch,
And pine and yearn and fly through the stars.
Taste the light of delirium, nurse the scars.

Yes, fall, though this will break your heart
For, sometimes, hope is a terrible thing.
But love is all that makes sense, in the end,
And crushes are the heart’s beginning.


3 thoughts on “I’m grateful for crushes.

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    • Wow! Thank you so much, Tessa! Haha I see why we get along. I am also a hopeless romantic. I think there is no place in love for the intellect; it belongs entirely in the realm of the heart, soul and emotion.

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