I’m grateful for stubbornness.


This is why I am grateful for being quite stubborn, quite often.

  • My mistakes are my own. I hate making mistakes due to overriding my instinct and caving in to pressure.
  • I have strong opinions, even though I can see several sides of the story, and insist on doing so. But I choose my position.
  • I’m scrappy. I am persistent and armed to the teeth with determination when there’s something I badly want.
  • Stubborn people are resourceful, because being stubborn means you choose to go it alone quite often.
  • I’ve fought almost all my fightable fears based on stubbornness alone. I just won’t give up or let go until it’s done.
  • I refuse to let the majority opinion or the norm influence my view on certain issues, my decisions, and my behaviour.
  • I generally don’t let life just happen to me. I’m too impatient and stubborn for that. I plan, act, and generally demand to be educated.

Of course, like any other trait, there are disadvantages to being extremely stubborn, one being that you learn a lot less than you could in this life, but this is a gratitude blog, so I shall stick to the nice bits of it. 🙂

Photo credit: Attribution Some rights reserved by r.nial.bradshaw. Photo has been cropped, text added. 


One thought on “I’m grateful for stubbornness.

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