I’m grateful for knowing this firsthand.

I'm grateful for knowing this firsthand.

So the knowledge is lodged deep down in my heart and soul.

I think the worst thing in the world is to be with someone, or with people (e.g., family, even), and feel abjectly lonely. It’s so very really NOT the number of friends you have, I have realised, or even having a boyfriend, partner, husband or wife that can cure humans of loneliness. It’s how you connect to them, it’s if you can connect to them.

A big part part of that is knowing and accepting and loving yourself first, so that you have something to give and receive with. An empty, self-loathing, self-critical heart has nothing to sustain itself with, let alone give to others; and it certainly has no space into which to receive love, compassion and kindness.

You also have to be in the right context, I’m sure, and sometimes that’s the worst thing– if you don’t have access to the kind of people you can connect with because you are physically in a space where you’re surrounded by people you CAN’T connect with, because deep down they are so unlike you. That can’t be helped. It’s personality, life experience, exposure, wavelength, mindset… a lot of things govern these connections. But thank goodness for the internet, eh? That’s gratitude for another day. 🙂

This picture is credited to The Power of Giving Facebook page.


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