I’m grateful for agency.

“I see the world as a really dynamic place that I can change and effect. And I love to use the math and science I’ve learned to help people.”

I love it when someone does something that proves that we can change the world, that reminds us that we have agency. We have the power to make small but significant changes in the world that mean something big to someone, somewhere; or even small ideas that have big impact. 

Here’s the first thing I saw this morning, and in a helpless, dark and heavy time, it reminded me that we do not stand on earth with empty hands, no matter how useless and powerless we can sometimes feel in the face of the magnitude of the world’s woes:

TED: his scientist has three patents pending. He also happens to be 12.

And, I mean, what a little cutie. 


2 thoughts on “I’m grateful for agency.

  1. Hi! 🙂 I’m responding to your request through Merriman-webster. Yes, I think your usage of it is correct.(i.e. if one is able to use ones agency to bring about change.), but when applied to an individual one often refer to the ability to make choices out free will, because despite the individuals ability to help bring about change there is often a need for a collective effort to make the change lasting or permanent. Unless you are talking about a small scale change or on a personal level. (for example: If I recycle with the intent to help the environment I can help if I am one of many, but if I am the only one who recycles my efforts are more or less inefficient)

    your question made me think of an example taken from Scandinavia where some women who model for men’s magazines have said in interviews that they choose to do so because they can, while some have stated that they want to help women feel empowered sexually (to help women gain a higher degree of sexual liberalization)

    Say that one of the models excuses it with: ” I have the agency to do so” than she is right. She has the free will and the ability to do so, but the moment she starts saying that “she is doing this to help all women of Scandinavia “to feel sexually liberated”, she is acting on a false sense of “having agency”. Because the “sexual liberalization of women is not necessarily in her hands, and because other women might not be affected by her action and her actions might even have a negative effect on other women.

    I found a blog post made by someone else that explains “Agency” and the ways the word is used in five different articles and no.3 is agency as a mode of action: “http://asociologist.com/2009/01/19/4-more-definitions-of-agency/”

    I’m sorry this was a little long and/or if I talked to much about it. i hope it was a little helpful though. (at the very least 😛 )

    • Wow! Thank you so much for that, Gina! 🙂 I really do appreciate it! Please, never apologise for being helpful. As a grammar pedant under professional circumstances, I always appreciate learning more accurate use of my beloved native tongue– I’m sure that is an ongoing process for pretty much everyone. I know German friends who are still discovering new things about their native tongue. I am a lot more lenient in more personal contexts such as this one. Thanks again, Gina, for taking the time!

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