I’m grateful for hope.

This girl’s blog is so honest, open and genuine that I felt her pain in my own tummy and heart like stab wounds. 


I think anyone who has lost something or someone precious and has felt such loss, grief, rage, betrayal and/or regret would find some solace, empathy and comfort in this blog. And hope. Definitely hope. 

She puts into words things I could not write when I felt pain most intensely. I pushed my feelings behind a dam and froze them solid. As a result, I stopped writing anything personal for some years. If I did, the ice would melt, the dam would break, and I’d go mad. I was sure of it.

And then she surfaced, breathed, and found that fragile, delicate morning-light of hope, life and love again. Her journey is probably not novel, but she writes it so brutally honestly that it becomes the voice for the shared emotions that burst out when we are heavy, empty and aching with grief.  

Image ~ This is a Zero to Hero post. We are further exploring the neighbourhood today. ~ 

Send me sunshine, light and love! :) Constructive criticism is also welcome.

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