I’m grateful for survivors.

( See “Are Some Humans Born to Bully? Born to Be Victims? Can It Be Changed?” by Kristen Lamb.)

For they inspire and educate us and so build a better world.

I need to share this because it outlines practical skills to deal with bullies and trolls, and I have a strong belief that if enough people learn how to send the signal that a certain behaviour is unacceptable, then it becomes normative, and that can change the daily narrative we grow up in. I could just be delusionally optimistic and idealistic, but I don’t think so. Every belief, value and moral each of us has was shaped over generations. Norms are even shaped in a flash or within a single generation. A belief that has outlived its time (e.g., slavery is normal, women are the weaker sex and belong to men) is eroded by persistent attrition, and behaviours and values that emerge in light of new evidence and human progress and enlightenment (e.g., valuing our Earthly resources, which are finite, limited and under threat, treating mental illness with kindness, knowing deep down that human trafficking is not ok) are built up like stalagmites.

If everyone sends the signal to bullies and trolls that their behaviour is not acceptable, it becomes a societal norm. If we value compassion, kindness and understanding as the “sticky stuff” that binds us and makes life worth living, and stop deadening ourselves to violence, the ruthless pursuit of power (and the craving for it), the using of people and loving of things… we can change the world. Slowly, steadily, and persistently.
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~ This is a Zero to Hero posting. We were supposed to explore the neighbourhood today. ~


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