I’m grateful for self-compassion.

There’ll be some days when gratitude is just a bit harder to shore up than others (ok, admittedly, I didn’t expect one to come along quite so soon into the new year). They’re the ones that chase crappy sleep, active nightmares and stupid, pointless arguments. That’s when I indulge and gently lead my sulky, resentful self away from the practice of gratitude and work on another productive habit– self-compassion. It’s amazing, the things we say to ourselves sometimes, in a constant growl in our heads that wears leather wings, hoofs, horns and a pitchfork. Why can’t I be grateful today, why do I feel so low, what right do I have to feel so low when there are others who have it so much worse than I do out there, what is wrong with me…? To rework that conversation is to start rewiring our brain for happiness.

If that fails, I’m grateful for long, hot lavender baths.


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